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Working together, you can achieve your nutrition and health goals. Available for virtual or in-person appointments.

Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Diabetes Coaching

Collaborate with our diabetes specialists to design a custom plan that works for your lifestyle. We include the latest research, technology and experience to help guide you in finding ways to work smarter, not harder while getting better results.


  •  90 minute initial appointment

  •  1 hour follow up appointments 

New Diabetes Diagnosis

A new diagnosis can feel very overwhelming and you might feel like a fish out of water. Get the information that you need to be safe now, and plan to continue learning about this complicated condition in bitesize pieces in a way that you understand.

  •  90 minute initial appointment

  •  1 hour follow up appointments

Accu Check Diabetes Device

Omnipod Insulin Pump Start

Our specialists are certified pump trainers for the Omnipod DASH and Omnipod 5 pumps. Training is billed to Omnipod and there is no cost to you! 

  • 90 minute training

  • 30 minute follow up

Medtronic Pump and CGM Training

Upgrading or switching to a Medtronic pump including the 780G system? Need to learn about the Guardian 4 CGM system that no longer requires calibrations? Training is covered by Medtronic at no cost to you!

  •  2 hour initial appointment

  •  2 x phone follow up appointments

Glucose Monitor

Technology Overview

The world of diabetes technology is always changing! Get unbiased reviews of the latest tech and feedback from people actually using the devices. Customize your insulin management plan and start working smarter, not harder.


  •  1 hour appointment 


"Being diabetic herself, Ariela really understands what it's like to live with diabetes. Her depth of knowledge, compassion, support, and humor is outstanding! I highly recommend working with her." 
- SB

Coaching Package

Know that you want to spend some time together or need a diabetes makeover? This package is for you!

Get priority scheduling and regular check-ins via email, text, phone or video chat, depending on your communication style. Get personalized advice following reviews of logs, CGM data or insulin pump data to maximize your time-in-range.


  • Initial appointment (90 minutes) 

  • Follow up plan bundled and customized to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Coaching Package with Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care
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