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About Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

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We know first hand how hard managing diabetes is. Through coaching, education and exploring technology, our specialists help to reduce the effort it takes to care for your health so you can spend more time just being you. 


"I don’t believe in restricting food or limiting ourselves. I believe in having everything in moderation and using science and experience to help us fit what brings joy into our lives."

-Ariela Nielson 


Numbers do not define you. We use numbers like weight or A1c to tell us where you are now and help us determine what areas to focus on to guide you to where you want to be. There is no perfect weight just as there is no perfect A1c. It’s about discovering where you feel good and keeping up the habits that help to get you there.     

Ariela Nielson

Meet the Founder

Ariela Nielson developed a passion for helping people with diabetes live healthier, happier lives following her own diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at the age of 10. Following a diabetes management plan as best she could, she was often told that her A1c was too high and that she needed to take more insulin, but no one seemed too concerned that she was having blood sugars in the 50s and 60s every day before lunch.

It took meeting with a diabetes educator who also had type 1 diabetes for her to finally feel heard and to finally be able to understand what she had the power to change to get better blood sugar results and feel better. 

She sought out more information and ended up taking a nutrition class following a diagnosis of celiac disease. Today, she uses her education, experience and experiences of the people she has met and worked with to help guide others to find a better way of living with such a complex condition.

Ariela is a licensed and registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist.



"Being diabetic herself, Ariela really understands what it's like to live with diabetes. Her depth of knowledge, compassion, support, and humor is outstanding! I highly recommend working with her." 
- SB

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