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Worried about blood sugar?

Want to stop the blood sugar roller coaster ride and just LIVE YOUR LIFE?! 

Type 1 Diabetes Dietitian

Located in Portland, Oregon

Ariela Nielson - Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Work with our diabetes care & education specialists to craft a management plan that puts your life at the center.


Spend more time doing what you love while improving your nutrition, health, and A1c.

Planning a vacation?

Know that you have everything you need to manage blood sugar while you are away.

How we can help

Creative, practical and sustainable solutions so you can work less and play more

How We Can Help

Sleep through the night, worry free


Be more active without chugging juice


Get the right tech for your lifestyle


Spend more time in range with less work


Eat what you want when you want


"Being diabetic herself, Ariela really understands what it's like to live with diabetes. Her depth of knowledge, compassion, support, and humor is outstanding! I highly recommend working with her." 
- SB
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