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Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Nonjudgemental, Practical & Creative

Type 1 Diabetes Dietitian 

Located in Portland, Oregon

Individualized nutrition and diabetes management plans 

"Numbers do not define you. We use numbers like weight or A1c to tell us where you are now and help us determine what areas to focus on to guide you to where you want to be."

Ariela Nielson - Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Nutrition Specialties

Expert guidance on food intolerance or allergies for optimal energy and health

For many of us, eating is a challenge, especially if you are struggling with food intolerance or allergies. Maintaining a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is tricky. With the right information and guidance, eating can be a joy again! 

Discover the right food plan for you that meets your health goals and your lifestyle. Our first hand experience in managing celiac (gluten intolerance) and having done multiple elimination diets can help you find foods that work for your body. Ensure that you have all of the right foods to give your body and soul what it needs to thrive.

Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Diabetes Specialty

Personalized management plans for reducing burden and improving energy

At Nielson Nutrition & Diabetes Care, we are passionate about helping people with diabetes live full lives while caring for their health. It takes a lot of work to manage blood sugar, so finding a plan that works for you that is realistic and sustainable is vital for your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Work with our founder, Ariela Nielson, who knows first hand the challenges of diabetes management having had type 1 diabetes for 25 years. 


Ariela Nielson, MS, RD, CDCES
How We Can Help

How we can help

Increase time in range
Recognize patterns
Improve sleep
Decrease worry 
Increase activity
Reach your health goals
Improve nutrition
Eat food your way
Get the right tech
Connect with resources

10 Years as a Dietitian

Coordinator of Support Group for Type 1 Diabetes


“Ariela is an amazing dietitian and diabetic educator. She's extremely knowledgeable about all types of diabetes, both through education and lived experience. I love her coaching style. She's compassionate to your needs, and doesn't push you to take steps you're not ready for. She is non-judgmental and honest. In working with her I have always felt heard and supported. She helped me build the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, and make changes I knew I needed to; impacting and improving both my physical and mental health.” -SC

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