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Collaborate with a diabetes educator & dietitian to provide the best care for your patients.

Ariela Nielson's Bio

Quick Bio

Ariela Nielson works with patients to improve health using motivational interviewing to meet patients where they are at now in order to help them get where they need to go. She is trained in trauma-informed care and use a holistic lens to ensure that individualized plans include mental, emotional and physical health.


Ariela has 10 years experience working in the clinical and outpatient setting and have helped hundreds of patients to better understand their bodies and make small changes that have a big impact.

Why Recommend?

Let’s face it, there just isn’t enough time in the day to help every patient with diabetes or obesity.


By referring to a diabetes educator, your patient will get tailored, evidenced-based education and recommendations to help them improve A1c, lipids, and blood pressure. By making positive changing to daily habits, patients often see improvement in their weight and overall wellbeing.


I work with providers to ensure patients have a diabetes management plan that is realistic and sustainable. Diabetes education is a covered benefit for most insurance.

Father and Daughter Diabetes Test

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“Ariela is an amazing dietitian and diabetic educator. She's extremely knowledgeable about all types of diabetes, both through education and lived experience. I love her coaching style. She's compassionate to your needs, and doesn't push you to take steps you're not ready for. She is non-judgmental and honest. In working with her I have always felt heard and supported. She helped me build the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, and make changes I knew I needed to; impacting and improving both my physical and mental health.” -SC

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